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Trevor Caddell

Instructor // Saxophone, Keys

Trevor Caddell quickly became a veteran of music performance and education starting in high school, when he was section leader and eventually charged with leading the entire woodwind section. In addition he became assistant instructor and began teaching private lessons. This trend of leading others and teaching continued from his undergraduate studies and directly into his Masters in Commercial Music at Belmont University.

While at Belmont, Trevor kept with his instructional ways and helped with overflow of saxophone lessons as a Graduate Assistant. He was often relied up for assisting and/or directing various jazz groups as well as being a substitute teacher the Winds Seminar at Belmont.. After completion of his Masters, Trevor was the hired as the Director of Jazz a Valor Voyager Middle School in Nashville.

To summarize Trevor as a professional instructor would be an understatement. His experience teaching nearly all ages affords DPV a level of finesse and FUN for all our KIDS! While he has heavy experience in jazz, he is certainly no stranger to classical and all contemporary styles of music.