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Porter Ellerman

Instructor // Percussion

Well-received and dynamic percussionist Porter Ellerman loves bringing energy and pin-point precision into any project he takes part in. Graduating from The University of Arizona with a degree in percussion performance in 2021, he specializes in solo and chamber performance and electronics using Ableton Live, with groups such as the University of Arizona Percussion Ensemble, Speak-Easy Ragtime Marimba Band, and CrossTalk Electronic Percussion Ensemble. His attention to detail, dynamic performances, and dedication to projects have allowed him to perform across Tucson and the Southern United States, in projects with Tucson and Yuma theater companies, playing special events, award-winning high school drumlines, Arizona Days of Percussion, to the Disney Concert Hall, Centennial Hall, and more. Working both in solo and chamber settings, Porter aims to bring new music to the forefront of stages, promoting and expanding the literature of contemporary percussion performance, through conveying personal messages and meaningful stories and soundscapes in music to the young and old.

Porter’s experience in the chamber, orchestral, and wind ensemble settings has broadened his view of what music is and can be, performing both standard and varied repertoire of the eras for both orchestra and percussion ensemble. Having attended multiple summer programs and camps such as Tocalo Tucson and Idyllwild Arts Summer Program, he has been able to work with artists like Derek Tywoniuk, Larry Livingston, Bob Becker, Anders Astrand, Matthew Burtner, Casey Cangelosi, and Bill Cahn among others.

While being a proponent and performer of new music, Porter is also an active music producer, creating both anthemic and immersive ambient tracks. His familiarity with MIDI instruments, controllers, and audio recording and production with Ableton Live have proven invaluable in live performance, and prerecorded pit performance along with his flexibility and knowledge in both traditional instrumentation and electronics. His experiences beyond producing his own music have included live performances with audio or playback, composing and arranging for the electronic percussion ensemble CrossTalk, as well as collaborating with other producers on tracks.

Beyond music, Porter is an avid plant-based cook, rock-climber, and bicycler. He spends quality time daily with his two cats, and if the moment arises, is always game to bake treats for his friends at a moment’s notice. His favorite to make is coffee-chocolate chip brownies with walnuts!